Brass Scrap

What is Brass Scrap Recycling?

brass scrap-yellow brassFrom locks, gears, doorknobs, and valves, to plumbing fixtures, electrical appliances, and musical instruments, brass can be found in most items we encounter at home, at work, and everywhere else. It’s important to know that once we have no use for these items, proper disposal through brass recycling must be ensured so other people can still benefit from this substantial alloy. And simply having them sent to landfills harms the environment and wastes good, useful metal.

Brass is a term used to describe a wide variety of copper and zinc alloys. Other elements may be added to achieve certain desired characteristics for a particular application.

Early production of brass was limited since the higher temperature needed to melt zinc could not be reached with conventional heating methods of the time. Due to heating restraints, there were other methods used to make brass such as mixing calamine (zinc oxide and 0.5 ferric oxide) and copper in a crucible and heating the mixture. The heat was enough to reduce the ore to a magnetic state but not melt the copper. The vapor from the zinc would then permeate into the copper to form brass.

Later, other methods of making brass replaced this practice as research and technology helped to make advancements in manufacturing processes.

Considering their usefulness, many manufacturing companies seek as many sources for this golden alloy. Instead of having them create new metals for their products, brass recycling can be done to ensure a ready supply to suit their production needs.

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