Lead Scrap

What is Lead Scrap Recycling?

The battery recycling processes have changed dramatically over the past ten to twenty years. The changes have stemmed from environmental regulations, technological changes, changes in battery distribution and sales techniques, changes in lead-smelting technology, and changes in the lead alloys used in batteries.

Battery-Breaking Processes

In the 1970s, most of the battery breakers used saws for decreasing. In this technique, the top is severed, the acid is drained, and the plates are dumped from the case. The lead posts are recovered from the tops by crushing and separation. This technique is still used by many lead smelters the world across.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, various mechanical processes were developed to break the batteries. Advanced technology was developed to crush the whole batteries, separate the case from the lead-bearing materials, separate the hard rubber and separators from the plastic cases, and, in few cases, separate the paste portion of the battery from the metal. The acid is neutralized in a separate process.

A new innovation desulfurizes the paste, produces a lead carbonate, retrieves sodium sulfate crystals, and recycles the H2O. Almost all battery-wrecking methods now recycle the polypropylene battery cases. Battery breakers process from 5000 to more than 50,000 spent automobile batteries each day.

Lead-Smelting Processes

The major smelting processes to recycle lead scrap require the use of blast furnaces, long rotary kilns, short rotary furnaces, electric furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, and top-blown rotary furnaces.

Blast Furnaces

For many years blast furnaces were the major furnace for lead recycling. This furnace is used to recycle slag, dross, and residues from other processes. Blast furnace requires metallurgical coke, produce large volumes of gas, which must be filtered, needs a special charge, require afterburners to burn carbon monoxide contained in off-gases, and produce slag and matte, which, in some cases, may be regarded as hazardous materials. Blast furnaces produce a bullion, which is high in antimony; this bullion can be promptly refined into lead-antimony alloys.

Rotary Furnaces

In most of the world other than the U.S., rotary furnaces have replaced the blast furnaces as the primary smelting vessels for recycling of lead scrap. Rotary furnaces are highly versatile and can accept almost any type of lead-bearing feed material, including battery scrap, dross, dust, scrap lead, and sludge. A rotary furnace can use any carbon source, like coal, coke, or ebonite as a reducing agent, and they can use various types of fuels, such as oil, coal, or gas. Rotary furnaces are batch furnaces, and hence can be operated in stages to produce low-impurity bullion for refining to pure lead, or they can entirely reduce the charge to recover all metal values for production of lead-antimony alloys. Rotary furnaces typically use Na2CO3 and iron as fluxes that produce a fluid, low-melting slag.

Lead Sweat Furnaces

Small amounts of lead are recycled using lead sweat furnaces. Some major materials that are recycled in sweat furnaces are lead-coaled power and communications cable, lead sheet and pipe, and other products, which contain lead as a coating or as part of a complex part. The process is executed at relatively lower temperatures and produces both metals for refining and dross; the dross is recycled to smelters.

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