Stainless Steel Scrap

Stainless Steel Scrap

Today, environmental considerations are at the forefront of material selection for specifiers. With its long service life, 100 % recyclability and valuable raw materials, stainless steel have become an excellent environmental performer. Products made of stainless steel rarely become waste at the useful end of their life. Recycled stainless steel objects are separated in a systematic manner and are recovered to go back into the manufacturing process through recycling.

Environmental Benefits of Recycling Stainless Steel Scrap

A considerable amount of energy is saved when scrap metal is recycled and reused compared to the energy that is consumed through the mining and processing of virgin materials. Studies show that over 55% of energy is saved by using recycled steel, 90% of energy is saved through the use of recycled copper and a whopping 92% is conserved due to recycled aluminum use.

In addition to conserving energy, other natural resources are conserved through the use of scrap metal recycling as well. Some of the other benefits of recycling steel include a reduction in the use of coal, iron ore and limestone. Statistics show that 120 pounds of limestone, 1400 pounds of coal an 2500 pounds of iron ore are conserved every time one ton of steel is recycled.

Process Of Stainless Steel Scrap

Stainless steel scrap along with other raw materials, such as ferrochromium (chrome/iron), nickel and Ferro moly (molybdenum/iron) are blended into an electric furnace. After melting, the impurities are removed, the molten metal is refined and the chemistry is analyzed to ascertain what final adjustments are required for a particular type of stainless steel being manufactured. The molten metal is then cast into billets or slabs before final production of sheet, plate, coil, wire and other forms in the formulation for use by industrial manufacturers.

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