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When it comes to buying Copper Scrap, we make it a point to ensure that we are adhering to the best of standards. We have specialized in the right kind of research and have contacted numerous industries and verticals which make us one of the very best in our area of operation.

What influences our organization to emerge among the various piece metal purchasers is the way that we put our clients first. We are focused on giving you the astounding administrations that you merit. We acknowledge and regard your business with us enough to not offer you low-ball costs for your pieces, on the grounds that if not for the piece metals that you bring us, we would not be good to go still today.

Copper Scrap Wire What We Purchase

Aluminum scrap

Copper scrap - Aluminium scrapCooper Scrap Wire Buyer is a leading Aluminium Scrap Buyer. We are one of the largest buyers and importers of Aluminium Scrap. We are dealing with all kinds of Aluminium Scrap. The core business of the company is primarily the purchasing of a wide variety of Aluminium Scrap from most of the reputed companies throughout US.

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 Brass Scrap

brass scrap-yellow brassFrom locks, gears, doorknobs, and valves, to plumbing fixtures, electrical appliances, and musical instruments, brass can be found in most items we encounter at home, at work, and everywhere else

Do you have Brass Scrap with you, would you like to sell your Brass Scrap? So you are at right place to sell your Brass Scrap, Copper Scrap Buyer can give you the best price in the market for your Brass Scrap.

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Bronze Scrap

copper scrap-bronze scrap

Brass and bronze are very similar in color, so sometimes to distinguish between the two you might need expert help from your local scrap yard. Metal composition can be determined with special, highly accurate instruments, such as metal or alloy analyzers. It is important to know exactly which copper alloy you are selling and what its quality is because it will significantly influence the scrap price you are offered.

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Lead Scrap

copper scrap-lead scrapThe principal source of lead scrap for recycling throughout the world is lead acid batteries. Scrapped lead acid batteries and the associated production plant scrap represents over 90 % of the contained lead available for recycling. Spent automobile batteries represent around 85 % of the total lead acid battery scrap materials. Other lead scrap materials for recycling include – sheaths from telephone and power cable, lead pipe and sheet, weights (particularly automobile and truck wheel weights), printing metals, anodes, residues, dross’s, sludge’s, and dusts.

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Stainless Steel Scrap

copper scrap-stainless steel scrapStainless steel is everywhere. It is used to make sinks, faucets and has recently become a popular surface material for appliances in homes all across America. Stainless steel is a steel alloy that contains chromium. Other metals, such as nickel, can also be alloyed with stainless steel, adding to the complexity of identifying stainless steel from other types of scrap metal.

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If you have an industrial surplus and the right quality of scraps, call us today and we will be ready to contact you immediately. We are on the lookout for the right quality of scraps at competitive prices. Our team will make a thorough evaluation and complete assessment of the scraps before sealing the deal with you.